# Validator Info

# Validator


Stores information fetched from the blockchain about the current status of a validator.

Attribute Type Description
operator_address ValAddress validator's operator address
consensus_pubkey ValConsPubKey validator's consensus pubkey
jailed bool whether the current validator is jailed
status int unbonded 0, unbonding 1, bonded 2
tokens Coins total tokens from all delegations (including self)
delegator_shares Coin total shares of all delegators
description Description validator's delegate description
unbonding_height int if unbonding, height at which this validator has begun unbonding
unbonding_time Timestamp if unbonding, min time for the validator to complete unbonding
commission Commission validator commission (see below)
min_self_delegation int minimum self-delegation

# Delegate Description

Attribute Type Description
moniker str identifying name, e.g. "Hashed"
identity str crypto-identity from keybase.io
website str validator's website
details str longer description

# Commission

Attribute Type Description
rates CommissionRates commission rates (see below)
update_time Timestamp time at which commission was last updated

# Commission Rates

Attribute Type Description
rate Dec current commission rate
max_rate Dec max commission rate
max_change_rate Dec max percentage commission can change in 24hr
Updated on: 2/27/2020, 9:12:11 PM