# Jigu Documentation

Welcome to the documentation for Jigu (지구), the official Python SDK for Terra.

Jigu provides a clean, Pythonic interface to the Terra API and makes it easy to work with the blockchain using data structures and patterns that play nicely with native Python types.

# Getting Started

# Try Jigu in your Browser!

Launch an instance of Jigu in Jupyter Binder to follow alongside the tutorials! Binder.

# Installation

Jigu requires Python 3.7+. Install using pip via PyPI:

$ pip install jigu

Jigu development tracks the latest interface updates to Terra mainnet but operates on a more active release cycle. Be sure to use the latest stable version of Jigu for production applications.

# Explore the SDK

Jigu comes with everything you need to build tools and applications that integrate with Terra.

Updated on: 3/18/2020, 5:05:40 PM